[Histonet] Microwave protocols

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Mon Oct 25 09:54:51 CDT 2010

Hi Histonetters!

I am back with some questions on protocols for microwave processing.  We
have the Milestone processor.  For any of  you out there who use the
Milestone, do you find the pre-programmed processing runs reasonable for
your use or have you modified them?  If modified, would you be willing to
share your modifications?

Next thought, do you process your breast needle core
biopsies/lumpectomies/mastectomies etc in the microwave?  I understand that
they would have to properly fix in formalin for the minimum of 6 hours, but
do you then process conventionally or with the MW?  Does anyone have any
thoughts as to whether or not the microwave would compromise the Her2/ER/PR

Does anyone have any other pitfalls/thoughts/concerns that I need to keep in
mind when using the microwave processors?

THANKS for your help!


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