[Histonet] Plain Vanilla Autostainer?

Johnson, Kevin KJohnson <@t> med.miami.edu
Tue Oct 19 13:50:08 CDT 2010

I am a simple man in a simple lab with simple needs.  I work in a multiple-lab research environment, typically providing paraffin/frozen sections + H&E to individuals who then perform their own manual IHC.  A simple man, yes, but also a busy man, who needs to be freed from staining dishes in order to pursue other tasks.

What we need: (1) Deparaffinization only; (2) Deparaffinization --> H&E; (3) H&E only system, preferably with (4) a relatively small, preferably benchtop footprint (current unit lives in a 30" X 33" X 34" vented workstation).  Automatic coverslipping extremely optional.

What we have: Thermo Shandon Varistain 24-4, which performed these mundane tasks admirably until going electronically insane.  It's been denied a service contract, the production line has been discontinued and the writing is on the wall.

What seem to be available:  Special staining systems with a whole lot of bells and whistles, designed primarily for a high-throughput hospital setting.

Is there anything out there that would serve my needs, even if it is a fancy system that would be slumming it here?  Or is mine just too obsolete a market?  Price up to $15K, slightly negotiable.  (Bench space only slightly negotiable; floor model if I must.)

Many thanks,

Kevin Johnson
University of Miami
Diabetes Research Institute
Miami, FL

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