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Chatter can also be caused by your blade angle.  Try making the angle
more obtuse, just don't over do it or you will get venitian (sp?) blind.
 The temperature is also a little cold.  Try putting your thumb on the
chuck, on top of the tissue, for a few sections before cutting and see
if that helps any.  If the tissue is necrotic, it's kind of like
fat...not much you can do?
Good Luck!!

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Question: When doing frozen section on a lung mass (not fatty- just
regular), and it chatters, what is the cause?

The cryostat was set at -26, we used the normal OCT media, and cut at

I prefer not so cold (like -23 to -24) and I cut sections at 4, 5 , and
even 6 to see if it would help... still chatter! The pathologist said it
looked all necrotic-like!!

Without knowing for sure if the tissue's morphology is due to its real
state (ie- full of cancer) or a cause of freezing artifact, I need some
help from any histotech that is a Frozen Section Guru :)

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