[Histonet] Un related to actual histology

Ingles Claire CIngles <@t> uwhealth.org
Mon Oct 18 18:56:01 CDT 2010

Ah---A woman after my own heart. I always thought of going as Bunson Honeydew or (especially) Beaker from the muppet show.  I work in a clinic setting and have always thought of coming in as the nurse/ Daryl Hannah character from Kill Bill would be interesting, but I don't want to give the patients heart attacks or have all the nurses get offended and get me fired. I would also of course bring a tape recorder to play her theme as well as wearing the obligatory katana. 

Or even, FrankenSTEEN.  Stab a scapel in your thigh for full effect.  Also
bring a recording of horses neighing so you can say "Frau Bleuker!"


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