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Fri Oct 15 11:37:22 CDT 2010

I sent out an email around two months ago regarding a problem with our bone marrow trephines.   Our pathologist says that many of the trephines appear to be fragmented and although this has not prohibited determining a diagnosis it is still a problem.   Currently we use AZF as a fixative and decal the trephines in Rapid Immuno Cal by BBC.  We have investigated our times in each solution and have found that our hematopathologists often want us to rush the cases and the time in AZF is probably less than some other institutions.   We use a minimum time of 3 hours and try to have most of the biopsies fix for around 6 -8 hours.   Our standard of time in the decal solution is 1.5 hrs.  (Variable depending on the amount of hard bone in the biopsy).

I have also wondered whether the "fragmentation" may be a result of the sectioning technique, time the sections float on the waterbath, or temperature of the waterbath.   We have not noticed this artifact in the routine tissues and on recutting sometimes the artifact is diminished but not completely gone.   Would anybody be willing to share with me their protocols so that we can continue to investigate a cause of the 'fragmentation"?   Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

James Vickroy BS, HT(ASCP)

Surgical  and Autopsy Pathology Technical Supervisor
Memorial Medical Center

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