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   Even with a self-defrosting cryostat, if you are regulated by CAP   still have to decontaminate it.

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   Emily Sours <[4]talulahgosh <@t> gmail.   The best solution is to buy a "self-defrosting" cryostat. They work in
   the    René J.
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   Our  cryostat  is a CM3050--we let it defrost overnight with the glass
   door  open  and  it's fine the next morning.  alternatively, you could
   defrost   over  a weekend.  i don't know how long disinfecting takes, though, so
      may not be feasible for you.
   also, it only takes a few hours more to get back down to the working
   temperature,  so  it's  ready  to use the next day, just later, at say
   noon or<   Emily
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