[Histonet] Quality Assurance for Histology

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Mon Oct 11 10:21:09 CDT 2010

After many different forms and many efforts to make the pathologists to provide feed back about the quality of the sections and procedures, this is what I finished doing:
to ask the pathologists to simply separate the slides they considered of poor quality and those unacceptable for diagnoses.
It was then my job to define the problem and to addressed it with the histotech who made the slide, to determine the re-training or any other administrative action deemed necessary.
After I did that I started to receive slides while before seldom any pathologist was willing to use any time to evaluate the slides. In all reality they are quite busy to take time to fill forms that, in any event, I also had to review, re-evaluate and discuss with the histotech.
This procedure worked very well for me and the quality of the work was improved considerably, as well as the rejections diminished.
Try this approach.
René J.

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I am revising our daily QA sheet that we hand out to the pathologists
with the H&E's in the morning. I would like to gather some ideas from
other sites.  Does anyone have a form/chart that they would be willing
to share with me?

Laurie Colbert

Huntington Hospital

Pasadena CA

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