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Well, thank you to those that shared your policies. To those that just shared criticizism I wish you had shared  your policies as well. It would have been more helpful and maybe others would have benefited as well. Remember folks the histonet if for sharing information not negativity.  
Again, thank you to those that shared or emailed me offline.

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If mistakes occur, the lab protocols must be altered to prevent the mistakes. 

If personnel can not or will not follow protocol to eliminate mistakes, then employment must be terminated. 

This is not being "picky" or unreasonable - ask any potential cancer patient relying on an accurate diagnosis. 

Tresa Goins 
Bozeman, Montana 

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Currrently I am working in a lab where I am the only tech., but in 
previous labs when mislabeling happened, the tech would be written up 
for it after one formal verbal warning. If they were written up 3 times 
in 6 months, then a suspension was possible (although never happens), 
then if the problem continued could lead to being fired. So, basically 
you would have to mislabel something or another 6 times in one year to 
be fired. 
Again...just my opinion... 

Sarah Goebel, B.A., HT (ASCP) 


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What is your policy? 

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