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   I  know  there were a ton of posts about this, but I deleted them o   accident...Did  you test your Schiff's?  Put a drop of 10% formalin i   n it...if it turns pink, it's good...if not, throw it out =)

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   Subject: Re: [Histonet] PAS STAIN
   From: Geoff McAuliffe <[1]mcauliff <@t> um   Date: Wed, October 06, 2010 1:28 pm
   To: Diana McCaig <[2]dmccaig <@t> ckha.on.   <[3]histonet <@t> lists.uts   I make my Schiff's from scratch and store it in the refrigerator.
   I  use  a minimum amount of charcoal and I heat it in the oven at over
   100 C the night before to be sure it is nice and dry.
   I make periodic acid fresh that day.
   I make bisulfite rinses fresh that day.
   Aqueous formalin for 48 hours at room temp. is OK for rat and mouse
   liver  glycogen,  I  don't  know  about other species. Slices of liver
   should be thin.
   When in doubt formalin+alcohol+acetic acid is an excellent fixative.
   Diana McCaig wrote:
   > Hi
   > We have been doing a PAS stain on the same control block and same
   > reagent supplier for a long time.
   > Yesterday when we ran the slides, they failed to stain
   >  We  opened  new  bottles  of Periodic Acid and Schiff's Reagent and
   recut<   >
   > Still, we are unable to get any staining.
   > Suggestions to help would be appreciated
   > Diana
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