[Histonet] RE: embedding beads/tissue marking dyes

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   TBS  has  good  dyes...you  can mordant them (what Bouins does) in fo   rmalin-aceto-alcohol.   This  is  less  toxic  then  Bouins  and works
   well.&   you  don't  wan   is not known if it ef
   Happy Fixing!!

   PS-W   =)
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   When you place dye on any tissue, make sure you pipette some bouins on
   to   t   afterwards  dab  the  t   dye/bouins.
   Some dyes are better than others, but try the bouins first
   Call me or email me directly, I can help you with details :)
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   We  may  be  encountering  some  issues  with  our tissue marking dyes
   'clogging'     coloured   'bead'   is   embed   subsequently  cut  onto  the  slide.  This doe   obviously,  but is used as a method to track like spe   grossed,  embedded  and  subsequently  cut  in  a row. (red, oran   green, blue.....)
   I  explored  the  archives  for  "embedding  beads",  but  only  found
   reference  to     block, but not subsequent   PS:  we  are  still troubleshooting our dyes (dilutions, brand, etc.),
   but  if     with, I'd be th   Thanks in advance,
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