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Here is THE citation and abstract for this publication in J Histochem
Cytochem (found it by Googling staining method).   You can download the pdf
at no charge. The photographs are excellent.  


Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry
Volume 52 (2): 211-216, 2004

Silver Carbonate Staining Reveals Mitochondrial Heterogeneity 

José M. López–Cepero 



Silver staining methods, when selective, yield a high-contrast and
high-resolution image in optical microscopy. A classical method for silver
impregnation of mitochondria has been applied to murine tissues and reveals
a marked heterogeneity among mitochondria in single cells. This
heterogeneity can be detected in the optical microscope but is even more
evident at the ultrastructural level. The differences in staining intensity
may reflect different stages in the mitochondrial life cycle. The
progressive accumulation of uranyl–argyrophilic material may be a marker of
mitochondrial aging. This highly selective staining procedure may be of use
in studies of mitochondrial changes under pathological conditions and during
apoptosis. (J Histochem Cytochem 52:211–216, 2004) 

Key Words: mitochondria • silver carbonate • mitochondrial life cycle •
mitochondrial heterogeneity • mitochondrial fusion

Gayle M. Callis



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