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Not to be a nag, but I am still looking forward to some comments
regarding the below:

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> Subject: [Histonet] gliotic plaques etc

> I'm interested in quantifying gliotic plaques, tangles and amyloid
> plaques in 5 um thick wax sections (fixed in Bouins).
> I'm planning on using Toluidine Blue for the amyloid and then Gallays
> Silver or Thioflavine S for the tangles. Any comments or suggestions?
> Any one have any experience with these stains for this purpose?
> The gliotic plaques are more confounding. I have seen a slide where
> H&E was used and the eosin stained the plaques bright pink-red. Is
> this typical? Otherwise, I was thinking about PTAH. Anyone have a
> favourite method for this purpose?
> I have about 400 slides to go through so an IHC method is out, being
> to expensive.

I have come across the paper by Manlow et al (J. Neuropath. & Expr
Neurology, 51:298-302, 1992) for a modified PTAH stain. Anyone used
their method? Its not mentioned in "Theory and practice of
histological techniques".

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