[Histonet] Re: Nails softened up during grossing process or at the microtome bench?

Nathan Jentsch njblademaster <@t> gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 21:23:53 CST 2010

I work at a derm lab, and we see 3-5 nail specimens a week on average.  We
use a 10% potassium hydroxide and let them soak for 1-3 hours depending on
the size of the specimen.  Then at the microtome after we face in, we soak
the blocks in 10% ammonium hydroxide for 5-10 minutes, which softens them up
nicely for cutting.  We also use the ammonium hydroxide to soak specimens
with a high keratin content that makes them extremely crispy at the

Nathan Jentsch

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