[Histonet] embyro embeding

Alex Cummins me <@t> ccalexander.com
Fri Nov 26 13:41:54 CST 2010

I am cutting whole embryos and neonates. I would prefer to avoid paraffin (
I seem to have issues with varying consistency of tissue between different
organs. Ie some are very friable while others cut perfectly all in the same
block) and cut frozen on a sliding microtome. However I need to keep the
pieces from separating and keep them in the proper orientation. I was going
to use gelatin but the pieces fall out even when I vacuum embed  and fix the
gelatin. I have just joined the list so I don't know all the passed posts. I
did see some about HistoGel. Would this allow me to embed with histogel and
cut frozen on a sliding microtome and retain a "complete section " that I
could then mount without losing pieces? 

Also If I use Histogel first would this improve the issues I have with

Lastly has anyone cut paraffin sections on a sliding microtome. How do you
set it up? Blade angle , Perpendicular to block or angled?




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