[Histonet] Evans blue

Alex Cummins me <@t> ccalexander.com
Thu Nov 25 12:52:05 CST 2010

OK I was wrong. Curiosity got me to go the Conn's Biological stain and it
clearly states that is insoluble in Xylene. And it is barely soluble in
water or Alcohol.  So in theory it would survive paraffin embedding. Fabrice
informed me that it will survive paraffin embedding  but not
deparaffinizing. I am very confused by this for me embedding uses the same
chemistry as deparaffinizing. And as to coverslip you only need to
deparaffinize to Xylene. Counterstaining could be an issue. When I used
Evans blue in the past we only used frozen sections and fluorescent mounting
media to cover slip. Joined today and already learning


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