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So if you can't find Stay On from Surgipath/Leica now, you can make your own additive.  I used to make up an Agar solution, see method below, and used 20 mL of this to my water bath that was about 2000 mL.  

Agar, Agar (Bacto Agar)      2 gm
Distilled water                    800 mL
Dissolve completely in a flask using medium heat and magnetic stirrer.  Cool and add a few grains of thymol.  Store in the frig.  You may need to shake it to break it up before use, but this is what I used for years before the commercial stuff came out.


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Right now, there is a serious BACK ORDER on STA ON...just an FYI....

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Switch to Stay On and plain slides, I had problems with charged slides and now have good results with the additive and regular slides.  Cheaper in the long run too.

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We are having a very difficault time with the naisl falling off the slides when we do the PASF stain.  We are using charged slides already and we have tried increasing the baking time during drying to no avail.

Any suggestions?


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