[Histonet] Tap Water or filtration system

Vanessa Avalos vavalos <@t> allergydermatology.com
Mon Nov 15 11:50:50 CST 2010

We are in the process of getting our new Lecia Autostainer delivered to us.
The question came up if we will still need to continue using our water
purification system for the stainer. Mostly the docs would like to save
money but I don't want them to be unhappy with the result.


I would like to hear all the pros and cons of discontinuing/continuing the
use of our system and going w/ tap water from the sink. What is the PH level
supposed to test at? What difference will I see in the slides? By the way, I
only stain H&E  at the current time but there is a possibility of starting
PAS or other special stains.


Thank you in advance!!!







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