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   The  EPA will not agree to biohazardous waste down the drain even if a
      biohazardou   surprise  inspections  for   informed  by the EPA that if the   the  drain  it  was  big  time  fines. One o   inspection  at the time of evaluation and were told   that  it  was  ok-in front of the EPA inspector! Facilities   been  told  that  if you pour bleach into the waste it'll neutraliz   the  waste.  Once  again,  according  to the EPA '...it may reduce the
   biohaza   waste.  You  will a   metal' and also cannot be


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   Biocare Medical.
   Nov 12, 2010 12:08:48 PM, Erin.Martin <@t> ucsf
     In  reading  al     proprietary  ingredients,  etc.,  k     regulations  are different everywhere and NO vendo     anything  other than to follow those regs and/or play it saf     tell you to haul it away. At a previous employer in San Francisco I
     u     expensive       disposal  because of the      So  our  lab  director  sent  a  sample      stainers  to  an  environmental  services  lab  for  tes     results  of the LD50 and other analyses apparently indicated that      the  actual toxicity was quite low. He then sent the testing report
     to  the  c     waste.  The  city/county     that  it  was  permissible  to  dump  i     thrilled  with  it, but our lab director was. We k     and  the  response  from  the  city/county  on  file to show to in     spectors.
     It's  up  to  you to figure out the appropriate way to handle     waste in your area, not your vendor. There's no way they would know
     a     are  all  di     might  be a worthwhile     to  show  your  environmental  saf     agency, which would make it easier for them      Erin Martin
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