[Histonet] lost tissue

Braaten, Christine I CBraaten <@t> Cheshire-Med.COM
Thu Nov 11 09:52:56 CST 2010

Hi everyone,

Has anyone had a problem with cassettes opening during processing?
Sometimes the cassettes are slightly opened at the top or bottom. We
rarely lose a specimen and it's frustrating to cause the patient to be
biopsied again with no explanation what happened to it. We use Surgipath
micro cassettes and a Peloris processor and just in the past three or
four months we have lost 2 specimens somewhere between  grossing and
embedding. The specimens are tiny skin biopsies and have no paper or
biopsy pads in the cassette with them. They are not small enough to fit
through the cassette "holes".  If anyone has any ideas what might be
happening I would appreciate a response. I have been embedding for 8
years and it's just been in the recent past that this has happened.
Thanks, Christine

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