[Histonet] (no subject)

Hutton, Allison AHutton <@t> dh.org
Thu Nov 4 13:04:44 CDT 2010

I know that I am opening the er/pr/her2 can of worms again but has anyone gone as far as to educate the breast surgeons of the fixation requirements or impose any type of cutoff for when they can submit their tissues.  We do not work weekends and we do have an alternate processor with a "weekend breast cycle", but we are still running into the issue of inadequately fixed breast tissue as the pathologists seem to be rushing the tissue through so we don't run over our "allotted 48 hours".   Also, we do not perform er/pr/her2 in house so we are unable to validate a longer fixation time.  
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

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