[Histonet] Haunted cryostat/Thanks!

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Tue Mar 30 13:44:26 CDT 2010

Thank you everyone who responded to my problem with a Leica CM 1850 cryostat turning itself off. About 11 people responded with tips. Thank you!! The Histonet is great!!
In answer to some enquirys:
1) The cryostat is set to defrost at 2 a.m.. The manual says it defrosts for an hour. Jackie O' Conner asks if it is set to go back "on" after the defrost. I have no idea. It defrosts well the rest of the time, and turns itself back on. Brian Cornett-Early recommends changing the start device on the compressor.
2) Someone else asked if power is getting to the cryostat -  Yes, when it turns itself off, the on/off switch is on "off". All you have to do is flip the switch and it starts pumping and  cooling.
3) Mari Ann Mailhiot with Leica recommends changing a cicuit breaker on the side of the compressor. That is probably where we will start. Mari Ann works for Leica so it sounds like good advice.

Thank you everyone. Since it only breaks down about once a month, it will take a long time to determine if the problem is fixed.

Michael Titford
Pathology USA
Mobile AL USA

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