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Mon Mar 22 18:04:05 CDT 2010

I agree with you Sue. I have 2 lab aides 1 is full time and 1 is part time neither of which we can spare for hand holding and cassette closing. Our 2 gross techs are responsible for those blocks until they hit the processor. Too many hands in there causes too many problems.. The potential for us to lose a ditzel piece of skin in transition is too great. The grosser oreintates the specimen and closes the cassette end of story.
Good luck Rick!

Stacey Langenberg
Cu Dermatopathology
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I happend to disagree, it does not take much time to close cassettes and I feel that the person grossing the specimen 
should be responsible for what is in the cassette. If that cassette is found empty the following morning who do you go to. You are stuck 
with a he said she said. 
We also use bar coding and print the cassettes at the gross station. I have three PA's and 3 residents grossing, that would mean I would need 6 extra 
lab aids to close cassettes. In this economy try to get those positions approved. 

Susan T. Paturzo HT (ASCP) 
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital 
Phila., PA 

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