[Histonet] Dermpath Lab People

kristen arvidson arvidsonkristen <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 14:22:33 CDT 2010

I am looking for a network of people who would be willing to share info on derm stuff.  I am currently the supervisor of a fairly large derm lab.  We've been open about 13 yrs and I've worked here about 12 yrs (Sup for about 1).  Things are going pretty well but when I run into problems I would like to share my info with people who may have similar experiences.  Currently, I am having some difficulty with quality.  Tissues seem a little dry and tough, but they act sensitive to handling.  Upon microscopic exam they ofter look torn.  The tearing seems to be occurring a lot at the dermal/epidermal junction.  At first I thought it may be happening at embedding but now I not so sure.  Our processing schedule/reagents haven't changed and peoples work habits are the same.  The Paths have noticed the problem for about 2 months.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I hope I can be of service to one of you in the future.


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