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Go to a library and see if the book has the information you need. 
Decide whether to photocopy a few pages (for a specific job) or 
ask your lab to buy a copy of the book as a resource for all who
work there. Every lab needs several books, and provision of time 
for the workers to read them.
Carson's Histotechnology is a first-rate text, notable for giving 
the rationales of staining methods, practical instructions, 
photomicrographs of well stained examples and references for 
the readers who want to know more.
John Kiernan
Anatomy, UWO
London, Canada
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> I have a question about the new Frieda Carson book: 
> Histotechnology: A
> Self-Instructional Text 3rd edition. In this book there is a new 
> chapterabout cytopreparation techniques. I will like to know if 
> this chapter
> teaches you how to troubleshoot problems in the staining of the 
> slides, how
> to do fine needle aspirations and other techniques in cytology, 
> or it just
> gives you a brief review of how to prepare cytology?????. I have the
> previous version, the new book came right after I graduate 
> histotech school.
> Is it worth to buy the new book? Someone told me the pictures 
> and text of
> all the other chapters have not changed, just the new cytology 
> chapter.
> My lab is concentrated more in fine needle aspirations 
> (cytology) than
> histology so I think it will be good for me to buy the new 
> edition since is
> like a chapter made just for histotech so that they can 
> undersand cytology
> better, but since is new is a little pricey. I may wait until 
> the price is a
> little lower. Frieda's book is very excelent in preparing 
> histotechs on how
> to troubleshoot problems, but I will like to find a book like 
> that but for
> cytotechnology.
> What are your opinions????
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