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A single parent at 29 with 4 children, unpredictable child support, and only a high school education, I could only get minimum wage jobs. I started looking into federally funded educational programs. the obvious, becoming a nurse, but that program had met its quota. I wanted to work in the health field so the adviser started going through the college catalog to see what other 1-2 year programs were offered in the health field. When we read the very short but descriptive paragraph for histology I knew   that was it, that was what I wanted to do, I couldn't wait. So it was back to school at 31 and for 30 years I practiced the Art of Histology. From that short paragraph to a career in a profession I loved and for which I never loss enthusiasm or wonder.

 For nearly 20 years I worked for the department head Gordon R. Hennigar who taught me to trust my instincts and always always add to my knowledge, read the old books and publications as well as the new. To do the very best work every day so that the pathologist could do his best for the patient. I was also privileged to have worked in the same department with Drs. Joseph McManus and Sam Spicer.
Both of these researchers would not hesitate to answer a techs questions.  Though Sam Spicer usually responded with copies of articles he had written and a mini lecture. The last years before my retirement  my immediate boss was Vinnie who taught me to put pen to paper to share with others. 

i learned to write manuals,  develop stain procedures,  play with dyes, put out fires, help pathologists, work with residents and help patients, all because of one little paragraph in a college catalog.

Rena Fail
Retired from Medical University o fsouth Carolina 

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