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Thu Mar 11 12:27:14 CST 2010

Hello All,

I had never heard the before starting as a Histotech trainee in Tulsa,
OK.  The funny story I wanted to share was similar to some others
submitted.  My oldest son, at five, was asked by his teacher, "What does
your father do?"  He replied, "He cuts up dead people".  Much to my
dismay at the next parent teacher conference I was asked by the teacher
what I did for a living and my reply was "I am a Histotechnician and a
Diener".  She then asked, as most people do, "What is that?".  I began
to explain the histology part and that I did autopsies.  Then she
explained what my son had told her earlier.  Knowing that I had not ever
told my children that I performed autopsies it came as quite a shock.
So I asked my wife if she had even mentioned this to the kids and the
answer was of course "no".  It turns out the babysitter had told them.
Needless to say she no longer watches our children.    

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