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" I was introduced the color world of Histology, when I was about 7 or 8. "

That reminds me of when I first brought my daughter to the lab. She was about 6 and one of our pathologists was there. He asked if she wanted to see anything and she piped right up "I want to see some brains!" So he took a whole brain out of a bucket and she was kind of speechless as she looked at it. Finally she says "It doesn't look like spaghetti at all!"

Tim Morken

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I was introduced the color world of Histology, when I was about 7 or 8. I saw my first leg being grossed. I was the cool kid in elementary school that during show and tell,  would bring in a section of brain or perhaps an embryo floating in formalin. I worked my summers filing blocks and slides (Not to worry I understood the importance of numerical order!), and as I got older would work my summers as a lab aide. After high school, and very undecided in which direction my life should go, the Histology Supervisor had encouraged as she did all her lab aides and others she felt needed to add their mark in this profession into this career. She had a histology program (at the time when it was OJT) and she would have 3 students at a time. We would work nights assisting with gross, and mornings in class. She would give us weekly exams and instill in us the importance of the profession. The majority of her students that she had taught have moved on to become supervisors and charge techs. I have to say that I come from a "family" of histologists. I was very fortunate that this woman who had an interest in my future not just in me as a person but as her daughter. You see, this supervisor was my mother, and I will forever be grateful to her for introducing me to this field. Her name is Sofia Roberts and I'm sure that there are many members that know her. So to her I say "Happy Histologist Professional Day"!

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