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Happy Histotechnology Day to everyone out there in Histoland, whether that
be clinical, research, veterinary, industry, or all of the above.  Since we
are sharing how we all got started in Histotechnology, I remember having a
Premed/Biochemistry degree in 1996,(what do you do with that?) shortly
thereafter, I fell into Histotechnology by going back to Youngstown State
University.  All I remember was taking the Medical Technology class in
Hematology and waking up after fainting from one of my classmates taking my
blood for lab that day (blood counts and hematocrits).  I do not know if it
was seeing the blood in the tube(my blood- other people's blood doesn't
phase me)or the classmate trying to take my blood for over 30 minutes, but I
said ew! Blood!   The second class was a diagnostic microbiology class and
my first gram stain ever.  I think that is when I was hooked, I liked
staining, I liked everything about Histotechnology so thanks to the good
folks at Compunet Clinical Labs, Dayton OH and some very dear angels named
Alice Trent, Denise Gerard, Dr. Joan Boyd, Dr. Maria Delost, Dr. Daniel
Hood, Dr. Atef Shrit, and Joseph Mistovich.   I was off to finish my
practical year in 1997-1998.  Compunet Clinical Labs gave me the opportunity
by paying for my clinical year tuition, room and board, giving me a job
after rotation/clinical  hours, and a guaranteed position for me for at
least two years.  I was just 19 at the time.  It was an amazing experience
and I would not change one thing or one person that I met along the way.
Histotechnology has opened the path to me becoming a PA, working at Penn in
the IHC/Molecular Pathology department and now at Polysciences, Inc.  Not to
mention my stent as a travel tech, (thanks Jeanie Nolle who introduced me to
the wild and wonderful Alaska).   I just received a card and a bouquet from
my co workers here at Polysciences, Inc. for my first Histotechnology Day
ever, and I would like to thank them and all the people that I have ever
crossed paths with in the Histotechnology field, including some of the
dearest friends I have ever made along my way here and you know who you are.


Happy Histotechnologists' Day!!!!




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