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A friend is asking this question and we were looking for responses  
telling what others would do in this situation:

  I am hoping to submit some brains for paraffin-embedded sectioning
soon, but we started intending to go the frozen-section route, so I
have some questions as to the feasibility of paraffin-embedding with
our storage conditions.  We began by fixing our brain-tissue with
paraformaldehyde (transcardial-perfusion).  Then, we stored in
paraformaldehyde for 4 hours before switching to 10% sucrose
overnight.  The next day we switched to 30% sucrose and stored
overnight (both sucrose storage at 4 degrees Celsius).  The brains
were then switched over to a cryoprotectant (which contains PBS,
sucrose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, and ethylene glycol) and stored at -20
degrees Celsius.  The brains have been in the cryoprotectant for
about a week, now.  Do you see anything in these storage conditions
that would prevent you from being able to paraffin-embed and section
these brains?  Thank you much.

Andi Grantham

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