[Histonet] Reaction/s between Phloroglucinol and Toluidine Blue ?

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Tue Jul 27 06:44:12 CDT 2010

Hello Histonetters,

I have been staining residues with Phloroglucinol which is light
sensitive however I due to time constraints I have not been able to wait
for all the colour to fade ( as this takes about one week). Therefore, I
have dried off the stained residue under lights and then counterstained
with Toluidine Blue. This seems to be ok, with the Toluidine Blue
restaining the residue as expected. I was wondering if anyone knows of
any possible interaction with Phloroglucinol (in HCL) and Toluidine Blue
? Likewise the residue stained with Phloroglucinol and dried seems to
develop almost crystal like tracks that disappear when restained. I am
not sure if the "tracks" are due to Phloroglucinol reacting with light?
Any ideas welcomed.

Thank you

Birgitta Stephenson
Microscopy Research Lab, University of Queensland.
  Birgitta Stephenson
  bstephen <@t> fastmail.fm

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