[Histonet] Powdered reagent expiration dates

Pat Laurie foreightl <@t> gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 12:27:17 CDT 2010

We were inspected by CAP on friday and we were cited for

ANP.21366  *Are reagents and solutions properly labeled, as applicable and
appropriate, with the following elements?*

* *

1.      *Content and quantity, concentration or titer*

2.      *Storage requirements*

3.      *Date prepared or reconstituted by laboratory*

4.      *Expiration date*

Specifically that our staining powders didn't have an expiration date
printed on the bottle. All of our reconsituted reagents which are in
use were dated with an expiration date properly though. I have always
assumed, perhaphs incorrectly, that powdered stains never expire.  We have
powders like Luxol Echt Blau, etc. that were purchased and opened over 40
years ago.    If so, then these powdered reagents have gone through CAP
inspections since the beginning and this inspector was the first one to find
this problem.  Is this one that we might protest?

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