[Histonet] Artifacts in histology section

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It's very difficult to diagnosis a problem such as this without hands on. 
But one thing that I noticed years ago that was so simple could cause 
this. A build up of tissues on the back of the blade holder. Worth a look. 

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Re: [Histonet] Artifacts in histology section

What you are describing might be microchatter.  These will be sharp 
lines/cracks that run parallel to the knife edge and are only visible 
under the 

The usuall cause is a combination of overprocessing and rough facing that 
is too 
aggressive and/or with too dull a blade.  Overprocessing makes the tissue 
hard and somewhat brittle.  The thick sections/dull knife cause the tissue 
compress and then release, causing the chatter.  The actual danage is in 
block face.

Once you have the problem in a block, if the tissue is thick enough, you 
be able to repeatedly soak the block in ice water and gently (with a 
sharp knife) reface.  With luck, you might be able to get through the 
block face.  

Another artifact I have seen is similar, but the chatter appears very 
This is usually caused be poor fixation/processing, then oversoaking the 
after facing.  The trick here is to reface the block, then chill it 
exposure to water.  I've sectioned such blocks after placing them in a 
to chill them thoroughly.  This will help to obtain a section, but may not 
the staining problems that might show up later.  

Good luck!

Joe Saby, BA HT

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Dear Friends,

              I am an Histology Technologist. I am having a problem 
sectioning am not seeing and scoring artifacts on the section but in the 
microscope am seeing a tearing artifacts particularly in endoscopy 
biopsies. am 
not able to locate where is the problem,is that because of blades or due 
micro-crystallization of wax or due to any processing problem. Its not 
consistently in all but i get it on some blocks every  day. Can any one 
help me 
in sorting it out. If anybody is interested in will send the picture of 

with regards,


Technical Officer,

Apollo Hospitals-chennai


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