[Histonet] Sectioning problem

kgrobert <@t> rci.rutgers.edu kgrobert <@t> rci.rutgers.edu
Thu Jul 22 15:12:56 CDT 2010

I am working on an old microtome, a Reichert Histostat with a Tissue-Tek
II microtome chuck adapter, and the last time I had this machine cleaned
and rehabbed by my repairman, he said that the springs were shot on the
chuck adapter, resulting in the windowblind chatter that I was getting in
my sections. Unfortunately he did not have a replacement, Sakura doesn't
make or sell them anymore, and the one source for replacement adapters I
did find online sold me a part that had the same problem-shot springs (I
assume this, as I was getting the same chatter with the "new" part).  I
have Googled, searched on eBay, checked online used scientific/medical
equipment suppliers to no avail...but I will keep looking in case
something comes up.

So I guess my question is...would one of the newer cassette holders fit in
my microtomes?  In addition to the Reichert mentioned above, I also have
an American Optical 860.  Or is it possible to figure out how to replace
the springs in the thing? (I have half a mind to wander over to the
mechanical engineering dept. here to ask that question, but I figured I'd
start here on Histonet.) I would really hate to have to replace the
microtomes just because I can't get a cassette holder for them.

Thanks for all your help,

Kathleen Roberts
Principal Lab Technician
Neurotoxicology Labs
Molecular Pathology Facility Core
Dept of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Rutgers, the State University of NJ
41 B Gordon Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
(732) 445-6914

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