[Histonet] Formalin and Xylene odor containment

Joao Pessoa jphistology <@t> gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 14:00:49 CDT 2010


We have recently been using a new piece of demo equipment to control
formalin, xylene and other odors.  The unit is an air purifier from BioZone
Scientific.  Our ventilation is good in all areas of our lab and we have
always been found to be well below the particulate count allotment for
xylene, formalin, and other compounds.  However, many area of the lab still
had a heavy chemical smell (like a beauty salon, they say).  This smell goes
away with the BioZone unit, which uses UV light and ozone to break down the
organic compounds.  Does anyone else has experience with BioZone?  We are
thinking about buying it, but I wanted to hear the opinion of others.



Histo Tech

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