[Histonet] Charging question

Maray Weirauch mweirauch <@t> crittenton.com
Thu Jul 1 14:23:22 CDT 2010

A long time ago I attended a pathology charging workshop with Dennis Paget.  He had stated that even though tubes and ovaries are a 'go-with' to the uterus, if they were submitted for frozen section for separate evaluation they could be charged.
We have a case now that included uterus with metastatic carcinoma, both ovaries with serous carcinoma, both fallopian tubes with metastatic serous carcinoma and pelvic nodes free of involvement.
Our pathologist believes we should charge 88309 (uterus), 88307 x2 (ovaries), 88305 x2 (fallopian tubes), 88307 (lymph node resection), and the frozen section charges.
 I'm not sure the tubes can support a separate charge.  Any comments on this?
Thanks in advance!

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