[Histonet] AChE fiber number measurement

szigcs <@t> bio.u-szeged.hu szigcs <@t> bio.u-szeged.hu
Thu Dec 9 02:04:44 CST 2010

Dear Histonetters!

I would like to ask you to recommend us a reliable method to quantify the AChE
fiber depletion in the rat cortex after saorin injection. We have a  
protocoll to clearly visualize the fine fiber pathways and its working  
We need a method to measure the fiber density, (crossing fiber number etc.)
I read some protocolls (to draw a line and count the crossing fiber number).
I have photoshop and image J software. I would like to achieve this  
with the aid of these softwares.

Many thanks for any help.

Best regards Csaba Szigeti

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