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To all interested in staining copper, there is an article in the Eur J Histochem 2008; 52: 175-178, "Deparaffination time: a crucial point in histochemical detection of tissue copper" where they use Timm's method. They noticed that the time in xylene was critical to optimal staining. I have contacted them to find out if they noticed the same effect on either rhodanine or rubeanic acid demonstration, but haven't to date had a reply.

I can provide the article if anyone is interested. Contact me off-line

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Pamela - We stained copper with Uzman's method,  manually.  It uses rubeanic 
acid (dithiooxamide) solution.   The original procedure takes 2 days, but we 
were able to modify it to take less time.  I can send it to you personally 
if you want to try it.  Copper shows as a fine black precipitate.   One of 
the problems with the stain is the control.  Copper leeches out of the 
tissue when left in formalin too long.  So control tissues should be 
processed and embedded as soon as possible.

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