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:o)  Okay, to clear something up, I am using the times as a AVERAGE for
cutting and embedding over the course of the day.  I do understand that
there are easy blocks and difficult ones and the average between them!  If I
am to tell a tech they could work faster/more efficiently etc, I would feel
better if I have some sort of a standard goal which they can aim for, hence
the reason for my question.  

And no, I'm not being hard core!  ;o)  CAP even asks if there are standards
set for your techs.

I'm enjoying the discussion and thank you all for taking the time to help.


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I'm up for the Margaritas!  
I agree with the 45 seconds at cutting a block is not a good time measure.
I think that if you are including cleaning the edges of the block, facing
the block, making a slide for the block etc. then 2 minutes is a good
average.  I think years and years ago that was what one of the time studies
I participated in figured was an average time.  However, I don't think
timing someone that cutting is a very good practice with all of the
variables involved. I think rather than timing someone I would rather, if a
tech seems to be very slow, observing why that particular person is
significantly slower than others and see if there is a way to increase their
My two cents worth!  Now you have four cents!

Now!  Anyone looking for a job in the Dayton, Oh area?  I have an opening
for a tech.  We have a great team and state of the art equipment.

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   Wow,  you  time  your  techs!?!   Hard  core!!!  45 seconds t=mbed
   sounds  ok,  but  45 seconds to section?  What if the tissue need=
   little  extra  care?   Some are harder and some are fatty.  If I=ly
   had 45 seconds to cut a giant hunk of breast that would be alot of pr
essure!!!   Just  remember  crap  in  crap out...sometimes you have to
   take=ittle  longer to do it right with one try instead of taking
   extra  time  t=o something you rushed again.  Just my two cents?

   <=v>Happy Friday everyone...margaritas after work!!!

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   I  know  this question has been asked before ... Can anyone share with
   me wha=
   they  are  actually  using  as  a  cutting/embedding standard for your
   techs? Fo=
   instance, how many seconds (mins?) do you allow for embedding a block?
   How   many seconds(mins?) do you allow for cutting a block?
   For  simplicity  here,  I  am  looking  at  the  "plop  and drop" type
   specimens, ie   larger  specimens  that  don't require specific
orientation and can be
   placed<=>  in  a mold easily. These types of blocks will generally
   have one section on   one slide. I am trying to find out if the standard
I have for my techs
   is<=> too tough or too lenient on them. I allow 45 seconds to embed
   such a block   and another 45 seconds to section that same block.
   How does that fit with what you guys are all doing?
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