[Histonet] shrinkage/a howlong is a piece of string type question

Edwards, Richard E. ree3 <@t> leicester.ac.uk
Wed Aug 25 08:49:55 CDT 2010

Many  thanks  to  all who  responded, for  paraffin processed tissues the  figures  suggested for the amount of shrinkage found or expected were :- "more than 5%":"5-10%":"10%"(twice):"10-15%":"20%":"25%":"30-35%":"30-40%", one  responder felt it was "noticeable" and another thought it was a  "fairy tale" concocted by pathologists............unsurprisingly many  responders thought that  the  degree  of  shrinkage was dependent on the fixative used, processing schedule and the nature of the tissue itself, e.g. amount of lipid present. As far  as  shrinkage with GMA processed tissue go, a  single response of "5%"  was quoted.

                                                       Richard  Edwards

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