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I think tissue shrinkage is a fairy tail, told by pathologists at the
grossing. ;) "Sure, it is a little bit large, but it will shrink.."
Too big blocks stay too big while embedding.

**just for smiling**

There's a study by Cecil Fox 1985 (Formaldehyde fixation), who showed that
shrinkage while fixation occurs only with concentrated formaldehyd, perhaps
due to the methanol-part in commercial formalin.

For dehydration, "de-fattation" and infiltration I think, it depends on the
gradationsteps of the solutions, the applied temperature and the
"ingredients" of the tissue. With our standard protocol (13 hours VIP) I
never found excessiv shrinkage.
So, like always, it depends...

Gudrun Lang

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I have never seen a study, but when training, we were taught that
fixation and processing could result in up to 5-10% shrinkage.
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