[Histonet] Re: Research Assistant/Technician Position

vaigunda ragavendran rags_jeg <@t> yahoo.co.in
Mon Aug 23 14:30:08 CDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I am on the lookout for a suitable research tech/asst position for my wife who holds a master's in microbial gene technology... I am a postdoc at the U of S in saskatoon and am trying to find a position for her at saskatoon.. Please let me know if you happen to come across any openings..

Buh byee..

Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Verge Lab,
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology,
Room No: 5800, Saskatoon City Hospital,
701, Queen Street,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 0M7,

Phone (Lab): +1 306-655-8714
          (Facsimile): +1 306-655-8709

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