[Histonet] is there a resource to share info about bad equipment vendor experiences?

Madary, Joseph MadaryJ <@t> MedImmune.com
Mon Aug 23 13:31:41 CDT 2010

I do not want to generate anything negative, but I would like to share
positive and negative experiences regarding vendors or equipment to help
and/or warn other techs.  I have shared positive info on vendors here on
the net, but I recall there being a problem with someone submitting a
negative comment a few years back.  How can we help others if we have a
piece of equipment that should never have been marketed, or a company
that does not honor a warranty etc?  I know it happens, just would like
to know a legal and ethical way of sharing this with fellow



Medimmune Histology Mgr, 

OMW, Area 4, Lab 2438





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