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   Which  I  did  buy it, and it had an issue, repair guy came wi   days  and fixed it with no problems.  There are also other compa   that  are  making  parts  for  them  that  aren't  "Sakura"  but still
   work.&nb   was the right pr
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   Although  Sakura  is  no  longer  making parts for the VIP 2000 units,
   there are   thousands  still  in  use  around  the  country.   Most companies that
   servic   units  have  been  taking  them  in  trade  as  people  upgrade  their
   equipment, the   using  these  units  to  provide  parts for units in trouble along the
   way.    very dependable (with regular water rinses and periodic PM).
   Sakura  does still makes parts for and service the VIP E300s, which is
   the s   up  from  the  2000.   If  the price were right, and funds were low, I
   woul   either. I have been using these units for many years.
   Joe Saby, BA HT
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   Subject: [Histonet] Tissue-Tek VIP 2000-3000
   I  know  I'm  a little late regarding your question about Sakura's VIP
   2000/30   I'm not sure if you found your answer, but if you're talking about the
   VIP    processor that uses a magnet to program, change stations, etc. (and is
   redd   orange  in color and may even say 'Miles' on it instead of Sakura) you
   will    to  think twice before purchasing it.  These VIP K (series 1000, 2000,
      no  longer  serviced  by  Sakura  nor  are  there many parts for them.
   Sakur   manufacturer  for  parts has stopped making replaceable parts for this
   partic   model  (they  are  at  least  20  or  more  years old).  You can go to
   Sakura'   or call their technical support, they will confirm this too.
   Take care,
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