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We managed to get racks from Leica that fit onto a different H&E stainer and
the Leica coverslipper I would check with your Leica rep about this.

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     I recently acquired a used coverslipper (YEAY ME!!!) It is a Leica
CV-5000. I know there are a number of big fans of this coverslipper here,
but I have a possible problem. I also have an automatic slide stainer that I
LOVE! The stainer is a Sakura DRS-2000. It has a slide rack holder that
holds 2 Winlab 20 slide racks (the dusty charcoal colored racks). The Leica
takes a rack that holds 30 or so slides with a hanger on either side. This
of course doesn't fit the stainer or the stainer rack holder.
     So here's the conondrum, how do I get these instruments to play nicely
together? Is there a rack holder that I could get for the Sakura stainer
that would hold the Leica racks? Alternatively, is there any way to use the
Winlab racks for the Sakura on the Leica coverslipper without having the
slides jam? (coverslippers are ALL finicky) Are there any alternative
solutions anyone has found? I had considered fabricating a stainer rack
holder that would hold the Leica racks with plexiglass perhaps, but if there
is a solution that is already being used I'd love to save the
experimentation. I certainly won't transfer the slides between racks after
staining. I might as well hand coverslip in that case. Thanks in advance for
any help!

Happy Friday,
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