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Thu Aug 12 21:22:25 CDT 2010

Dear Kim,
It is very likely that the markings on your knife block are reference  
points, not actual degree markings.  If "0" has worked for you all along,  then 
I would think that the vibrations are caused by something other than knife  
angle.  If you are using disposable blades, there might be a variation in  
how high the edge of the blade sits above the top of the holder.  
If you are just starting out and have never really been happy with the  
quality of your cut sections then changing the angle could help.  Since you  
are already at zero, make a slight change and see if that helps.  Just  
remember, when you change the knife angle you change the orientation of block  
face to knife edge.  Be careful not to damage your block and/or  knife.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me off list.
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