[Histonet] inverted meniscus

Mary Benoit mbplab <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Aug 11 13:20:42 CDT 2010

Today while perfroming an xylene purity check after recyling xylene on a CBG recycler, I noticed that the meniscus  between the DH2O and Xylene is inverted...that is convex instead of concave.  I have done this check many times( you add exactly 15 mls of water to exactly 85 mls xylene, invert and allow to settle out and observe the meniscus at the separation site for changes in volume of water) and have never seen it invert.  The glass cyclinder was clean , we repeated three times and still same results.  Anyone have a clue as to why?  CBG did not have an answer .  thanks
Mary F Benoit MT(ASCP)
The Pathology Laboratory
Lake Charles, LA


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