[Histonet] brain microvessel staining

Niloofar Rezvani Niloofar.Rezvani <@t> usuhs.mil
Tue Aug 10 13:16:37 CDT 2010


I appreciate if someone can answer my question. I am going to stain rats' brain microvessels with ER(estrogen receptor) antibody. We know how we can isolate the vessels but this is the first time to stain them.
I have the microvessels in PBS 1X and do you know how I can fix them with paraformaldehyde and mount them on the gel-subbed slides? I did 2 ways: 1- mount the fresh microvessels on the slide and wait overnight to get dried and then fix them in 2% PFA for 30 min and after that washing steps and the rest of IHC protocol or 2- fix the vessels with 2% PFA in the tube for 30 min and then mount them on the slides and wait overnight to get dried.
Please advise me with any idea,
thanks so much,

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