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Mon Aug 2 02:25:07 CDT 2010

Hi all

As part of a self assessment programme conducted by my employer, and related
to my performance review and salary adjustment,  I need to determine the
criteria of what makes a stained slide acceptable or unacceptable. I was
wondering if anyone out there had a "checklist" that they would be willing
to share,  that i could perhaps adapt. I realise that the easiest would be
to send slides out for external control, but in this case it is not

What I put together is  this:

   - Quality of decalcification, processing, infiltration
   - Quality of sections (no wrinkles, missing bits, scores etc)
   - Entire representation of tissue area
   - staining  pattern as expected according to protocol
   - coverslipped without bubbles or other inclusions
   - labelled neatly and correctly

but, the question inmy mind is what would be the criteria that would make a
slide merely adequate or truely outstanding?

PLease help

thank you

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