[Histonet] COX staining in frosen muscles

Galina Deyneko galinadeyneko <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Sep 28 13:42:08 CDT 2009

Dear Colleagues.
Please help. I have been asking to perform staining for  COX (which is cytochrome oxidase I believe) activity on mouse fresh frozen leg muscles. I am not very  familiar with enzyme histochemistry. I found one method (Seligman,1968) in J.Bancroft , 5 edition book, and the other in J. Kiernan "Histochemical Methods" book, but the methods are described for the fixed brain. I  am absolutely not sure that I have found the required methods. 
Could you share with me your experience, detailed protocol or the sources where i can find the reliable protocol siutable for muscle histochemistry.Thank you in advance.
Galina Deyneko
Novartis Cambridge, MA


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