[Histonet] Histobath Frozen Sections

mwhite <@t> mcleodhealth.org mwhite <@t> mcleodhealth.org
Wed Sep 23 14:21:22 CDT 2009

In our sister lab, the Histobath freezing unit has died. We need to know if
there is another comparable product available, since the Histobath is no
longer manufactured. Our pathologists don't care for the peltier option.

We researched the archives and found that this has been discussed on the
Histonet in the past, but didn't see many responses. There is a similar
(but larger, if I understand correctly)  unit available from a vendor in
the UK.

Can anyone contribute suggestions or comments?
Thanks in advance.

P.S.  Are there any other Samurai Pathologists available? We need one.

Melanie S. White, MT(ASCP)
Laboratory Supervisor, Systems/Anatomic Pathology
McLeod Regional Medical Center
(843) 777-2072

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